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European Horizons is a global, student-led policy incubator whose mission is to give young people a voice in shaping the future of Europe and of transatlantic relations.

Through our network of university chapters across the world, and in collaboration with our partner organizations, European Horizons devises, tests, and advocates for innovative policy ideas to advance European integration.


In particular, European Horizons’ members and chapters:

  • undertake collaboratively-designed projects with partners in European politics and policy-making, business, society, and culture;

  • conduct independent research through the Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs and other publications; and

  • hold international and regional events, such as the annual European Student Conference at Yale or the Youth Summit on the Transatlantic Digital Economy, that connect students to each other and to our partner organizations, and thereby empower them to shape the future of Europe and transatlantic relations.


Annual Activities Report 2019-2020

"The last academic year was of significant change and challenge for European Horizons.

We faced an unprecedented hostility between the United States and the European Union, the first-ever withdrawal of a member state from the EU, the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed underlying structural problems, and lastly, the despicable murder of George Floyd, which brought to light the deep-rooted systemic racism in our society.

Although these events were of great challenge, they made our work and mission as students committed to shaping the political arena truly important. We did not shy away from our work during the turbulences, we carried on with a feeling of tremendous responsibility to our generation.

On Brexit day, we still organized our European flagship conference in the United Kingdom. For the first time ever, we canceled our founding conference at Yale University due to the pandemic, but replaced it with an online policy competition; we worked relentlessly on our first-ever book project with ASKO Europa-Stiftung; our chapters grew both in number and scope on all three continents.

They organized events, conferences, and crafted their own policy memos. Not only did we persevere, but we showed that we, students, are resilient and committed to our values and ideals. Our vision, belief, and hope for a better, more inclusive, and connected world is tireless."

Katerina Hoskova, Executive Director of European Horizons 2019-2020, Annual Report 2019-2020

After months of hard work, our team has compiled this comprehensive report outlining our organization's activities and accomplishments throughout the past academic year.

Please, find out more and read the entire Annual Activities Report 2019-2020: 


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