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European Horizons was first founded after the success of the first ever European Student Conference, hosted at Yale University in 2015. Since then, conferences have been at the center of our network. As a way of bringing students from around the world together, who all have a shared passion for the European Union and transatlantic relations, conferences are the key to fostering discourse and the exchange of ideas. Both in the US at the annual European Student Conference (ESC) at Yale University, and in the EU, at the Digital Economy Youth Summit (DEYS), European Horizons creates a platform for this political, economic, and social exchange between young minds.

In its tradition, European Horizons has proven its commitment to strive for a strengthened role of the transatlantic partnership and European values. In times of social inequality, structural change through digitization, increasing nationalism and the observable rise of global protectionism, European Horizons is dedicated to engaging in a constructive dialogue among the youth in Europe, the United States and Asia. This is the mission of our flagship conferences, the European Student Conference (ESC) and the Digital Economy Youth Summit (DEYS). The conferences complement our cross-chapter events, discussions and parliamentary events.

European Student Conference

Digital Economy Youth Summit



If you have any questions regarding European Horizons’ Conferences, please do not hesitate to reach out to  our conferences team:

Director of North American Conferences, Kato Bakradze

Director of European Conferences, Carlos Martinez

Yale University P.O. Box 203886 New Haven, CT