June 30, 2018


Since the first European Student Conference, European Horizons has hosted over a dozen international conferences within three years, taking place in both the United States and in Europe. These events give students the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded students from across the world on substantive policy papers and share their views with politicians and experts.

Our conferences invite world leaders from commerce, academia, politics, and NGOs and connect them with our members, giving them the opportunity to learn from these experts whilst engaging in a constructive dialogue about the future of European and global public policy.


Upcoming Conferences


To view photos from our conferences, please look on our Facebook Page


For more information, reach out to Antonia Seyfarth (antonia.seyfarth@europeanhorizons.org) about US Conferences or Tabea Weiss (tabea.weiss@europeanhorizons.org) about European Conferences.