Laurent Bélanger-Lowe

Director of European and Asian Chapters

While originally Canadian, Laurent is a strong believer in the European Project. He began at European Horizons in 2017, as a founding member of the chapter at the University of St Andrews — a decision he describes as life-changing. Now in his final year of Philosophy and History at St Andrews, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in international policy.


Professionally, Laurent has sustained a dual focus on transatlantic relations and energy policy. He has worked at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington D.C., and at E3G, Britain’s leading environmental think-tank, where he worked on EU gas and climate diplomacy.


Outside of his studies, Laurent leads the Roosevelt Group, an independent student organisation that prepares young leaders to enact change, both through discussion of complex global issues, and through high-impact projects in the local community. He is also the Executive Director of Rise Beyond, a charity fighting for better sexual assault reporting systems in UK universities.


As Director of European and Asian chapters, Laurent will focus on improving each chapter’s global outlook and fostering cross-chapter and cross-regional cooperation — and looks forward to engaging even more students in the debate over the future of Europe.

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