Luka Ignac

Washington, D.C. Representative

Luka Ignac is a McHenry and Kunin scholar at Georgetown’s Master of German and European Studies. Ignac holds a B.A. in Political Science and French from DePauw University. His previous internship experiences include working with the Croatian Embassy in Washington D.C., at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics as a Hillman intern and a contributor to The Prindle Post, and at the Center for comparative and political science (CESPOL) at the UCLouvain. Additionally, Ignac is an alumnus of State Department Exchange Programs, One Young World, Clinton Global University and Global-In-Fellowship.


As a long-term member of EuH, Luka co-authored several policy papers addressing a variety of transatlantic policy challenges such as cybersecurity and cybercrime, consequences of
Brexit for transatlantic relations, and operationalization of European Global Strategy. Luka’s work specifically focuses on the transatlantic relations with the particular interest in transatlantic security and defence cooperation.

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