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Our colleague, Michael Schroeder, makes a comment on yesterday’s vote at the European Parliament:

“The European Single Digital Gateway, which was put to a vote yesterday, is part of a broader agenda to bolster the accessibility of the EU Single Market, by creating a central hub for European compliance-based information and administration. The goal is to create a centralized access point that is integrated in the broader Your Europe portal. Hence, a company doing business in several member states would only have to report their data to one, as the data - once entered - can be re-used within the network, making people’s lives easier and reducing administrative costs. Moreover, this centralized approach simplifies the information and compliance procedures for companies, which is of paramount importance for the Single Market’s strategic attractiveness as start-ups and SMEs otherwise would leave to places with less administrative burden.

The crucial point and at the same time biggest chance of the Single Digital Gateway is however easy to miss and hidden deep in the 107 pages long draft: it creates a single-entry point to the European Union. It is hard to overestimate the importance of such a tool in times where secessionist voices are growing louder and louder: their central point is, that Brussels is too far away and detached from daily affairs. It is however hard to beat the proximity of the Single Digital Gateway to people’s lives, as they effectively are carrying their access and stake to the European Union - in form of their smartphones - in their pockets. In that sense it is at the same time a powerful answer to the Eurosceptic voices, as well as a tool to make lives easier for European Citizens, which is the Union’s ultimate legitimacy."


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