Melina Sanchez

European Student Conference 2015 Vice-President & Founder

Melina founded European Horizons along with Igor Mitschka, and now serves as Director in the Board of Directors. She comes from a small port town in Southeastern Spain (Almerimar), but has lived in many countries (Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Venezuela, Peru and the United States). Melina graduated from Yale University in 2015, receiving a degree in Economics and Latin American Studies. Throughout her university years, she worked at the European Parliament, at the Delegation of the European Union in Venezuela, at the State Department for the European Union of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Spanish Embassy in Peru. Melina now works as an Analyst at Novus Partners in New York.

Melina believes in the vision of European Horizons because … “I want to make the European youth conscious of one essential truth: the future of the European Union is also their future.”

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