European Horizons is a nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization, and as a result, may not participate in any partisan political activity. European Horizons does not adopt or advocate positions on particular partisan matters and maintains strict intellectual independence for all of its projects and publications. European Horizons publications, including in the Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs, Huffington blog posts, etc., always represent the values and opinions of the author or authors rather than those of the organization.


European Horizons Donor Acceptance and Disclosure Policy


Summary: European Horizons requires all funders and donors to agree to European Horizons maintaining independent control of the content and conclusions of any products resulting from sponsored projects.  


  • European Horizons accepts funds from a broad range of sources in keeping with its mission. European Horizons is grateful for the contributions it receives as they provide critical support that makes the organizations work possible. European Horizons respects donor intent.

  • The acceptance of any contribution is at the discretion of European Horizons. Each contribution is also subject to the condition, that is reflected in a written acceptance letter. The written acceptance letter stipulates that European Horizons is accepting the contribution on the condition that European Horizons retains intellectual independence and control over any content funded in whole or in part by the contribution, consistent with the present document.  

  • As part of this policy, European Horizons will not in ordinary circumstances accept anonymous contributions. European Horizons will analyze anonymous contributions on a case-by-case basis in order to guarantee adherence to this policy. Exceptions to this policy can include but are not limited to donations from individuals that have a policy of not disclosing their charitable giving.

  • European Horizons may accept sponsorship for the broad organization or a particular project, but not for specific people in the organization (unless it is related to the mission of EuH, e.g. travel funding for speaking in a conference).