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In addition to our topical conferences on various subjects of the digital economy, EU integration and transatlantic relations, the European Fall Policy Convention FPC is a European networking and workshop event within the established framework of European Horizons. The FPC is organized in cooperation with the Akademie Oetzenhausen. The FPC features workshops by European's most active Chapters and serves as a platform for planning Cross-Chapter-Events and joint projects for the following year.

The North American Fall Leadership Retreat is a weekend of training, strategizing and bonding. The goal of this retreat is to equip our EuH team with the knowledge and resources necessary to build involved and successful chapters. We will share best practices, plan and coordinate cross-chapter activities, offer information about research and publication opportunities, and develop the think tank's strategy for the future. Beyond that, we will all share practical tips for fundraising, networking and event planning with each other, as well as train you in the use of our new European Horizons website and chapter platform.

In April 2016 and 2017 European Horizons hosted two conferences on international security, hosted at the German Marshall Fund and the Atlantic Council respectively. These conferences discussed NATO, CDSP, humanitarian intervention, intelligence and more.

Past Spring Forums

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