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In many way collaborations and partnership signify the rise of European Horizons. Engaging with international agencies and offices has always been one of the major goals of our student-led think tank. Recently, we have received some great examples of collaboration that our global network enables us to have with the most varied agencies.

1- HEC Chapter (France)

The board of the HEC chapter.

On September 11th, the Leadership team of the European Horizons chapter at HEC Paris was invited to a meeting with Mickael Meunier, a representative of the French Delegation of the European Commission in their offices in Paris.

The goal of this meeting was to explore areas of collaboration when it comes to promoting European ideas among students on the HEC Campus but also in local high schools.

One of the possible outcomes is the organization of conferences with European Commissioners. Another collaboration track is the organization of a European Career Fair where students could discover the employment and internships offers of the European Union and know more about the functioning of the European institutions such as the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank or the European Court of Auditors.

The French Delegation also provided to European Horizons – HEC Paris the necessary material to organize events with high school students so that they can understand more thoroughly what it means to be a European citizen.

Our sincere congratulations to our members, we would like to extend also its gratitude to Mickael Meunier and the team of the French Delegation of the European Commission for their time and their involvement in our activities!

Many more examples of our chapter’s achievements to come!

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