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The EU In A Nutshell Series: Presented by European Horizons - Cambridge

Written ahead of the December 12th election which addressed, at its core, the issue of Brexit. In the 2016 referendum, there was a great deal of misunderstanding about what the EU actually is. In order to prevent that this time around, the European Horizons 'Solving EU's Polycrisis' Research Group has written up a mini blogpost series called the "EU in a Nutshell", where we aim to clarify important EU matters. They published a blogpost every day from 7 December to 11 December 2019. If you have further questions, please feel free to comment/like the posts or send them an e-mail at cambridge@europeanhorizons.org.

#1 – The Beginnings of today’s EU – a British co-initiated project


#2 – EU: A (not so) complicated organisation


#3 - The EU decided…, Brussels decided… – what does it actually mean?


#4 – EU – Citizenship of the Union and free movement: What it is and what it isn’t


#5 – EU – Let’s Talk Numbers


#6 - Feeling home in Europe without losing national identity


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