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The youth is a fringe actor in society. Although we account for more than 17% of the EU’s population and 16% of the U.S. population (ages 15/18-29), we are not included in the decision-making processes of our institutions. Others take decision for us, decisions that affect us directly, from unemployment to educational opportunities. We barely have a say in determining the future of our societies beyond our responsibility as voters. We are the next generation of leaders, but we are inheriting a world that does not reflect our values and our vision for Europe and the world.


European Horizons wants to change the status quo. The youth is capable of advising and acting for the good of the European Union and transatlantic relations.


But we cannot do it alone. By partnering with institutions, companies and individuals who help us define, test, and implement our ideas, we are better positioned to make a tangible, measurable impact.


Yale University P.O. Box 203886 New Haven, CT