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Sargentini report is a next chapter in long story of rule of law in Hungary. One of our colleagues - Szabolcs Bozsing Perniczki - shared his insights with us on that topic.


We are proud to present fragment of that comment on last Orban's actions and words before the European Parliament. Full version will appear soon on our channels. Stay tuned!

"Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban is going to appear in front of the European Parliament today to respond to the Sargentini report. This debate is an important step in the Article 7 procedure invoked against Hungary for systematically breaching the values of the Union. Enshrined in Article 2 TEU, these values include respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. The report has 12 points, ranging from academic freedom, corruption to the rights of migrants and refugees.

The debate − and the subsequent vote − is most significant for the future of the European People's party. Members who voted for approving the Sargentini report are likely to be drawn closer to the pro-EU faction led by Mr. Macron. Conversely, supporters of Mr. Orban are likely to be drawn towards the anti-immigrant, nationalist fractions in the EU. Thus, the People's Party will be divided with its future uncertain.


The fact that this is the first time that an Article 7 process has been initiated may be a cause for optimism for some. However, the suspension of Hungary’s voting right is a mere theoretical possibility. This would have to be executed by a unanimous decision in the European Council. However, this is extremely unlikely to happen given the mutual assurance from Poland and Hungary to veto any such determination against one another. Nevertheless, the Council of Ministers may by 4/5 majority vote approve sanctions against Hungary such as a monetary fine. This option is similarly not likely as the V4 countries composed of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary are likely to vote against the sanctions."

Photo: MTI.

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